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Dylan Hammond


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Dylan Hammond is our premier solo artist. He has been performing professionally since the tender age of 14 and is showing no signs of slowing down. With multiple national tours under his belt, thousands of shows played, loads of performances internationally, a full length original solo album and another one on the way; music is way of life for this man and it can be seen in his performances.

His style is 'solo acoustic live looping'. He incorporates his multi-instrumentalism into his performances using a loop pedal which enables him to record beats, basslines, vocal harmonies and percussion to create a one-man band. Although this has become very popular in recent years with the rise of artists such as Ed Sheeran, Dylan has been looping since 2005 and is a master of the art. Despite his ability as a looper, Dylan's experience has also taught him the importance of reading the audience and keeping things simple and stripped back depending on the event and the audience. He also has a smooth as silk voice with a subtle and elegant guitar style to counter balance and compliment his high energy looping performances.

Dylan has performed in high end resorts nationally and internationally, weddings and corporate events, pubs, clubs, private events and community events. He prides himself on professionalism, being easy to deal with and making sure everyone has a great time. If you have a special event and you want great music, consider Dylan as the perfect option.

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Dylan is also available as a Duo, Trio and a Live Band.

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